College Credit Course

Earn College Credits This Summer While You Earn Money!

Camp Anne and the Isaacson/Gordon Lodge are residential camps in New York State that offer summer programs to adults and children with developmental disabilities.  We are looking for creative staff members who are willing to share their ideas and invest their time and energy in one of our summer programs.


We offer an opportunity for you to earn potential college credits while working as a summer camp counselor.  The National College Credit Recommendation Service has approved AHRC NYC’s A Multi-Disciplinary Introduction to Developmental Disabilities and certified the course for a transfer of six upper-level credits to be awarded to students upon successful completion. National CCRS is an educational advisory service that evaluates courses offered by non‐collegiate organizations, such as AHRC, and makes recommendations on their creditworthiness which colleges use as a guide in awarding credit.

The course could be credited in one of the following disciplines: Education, Special Education, Educational Psychology, Physical Education, Outdoor Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation.  The unique combination of coursework and field experience in a supportive, supervised setting will provide you with an amazing summer and a solid addition to your resume.  These credit recommendations can also allow you to take a lighter course load during a future semester and are offered at no cost to the student. Students would need to arrive at camp one week earlier than the rest of the staff, work the summer as a camp counselor and step out once a week to meet with the professors and continue fieldwork. Students make a presentation in the middle of August and transcripts are awarded in the fall.

  • Apply with a cover letter.
  • Notify your college of your interest. The procedure for obtaining approval varies from college to college. You may wish to speak with your adviser, professor or department chair. We recommend you begin with your Registrar's Office and ask to speak with the person in charge of Transfer Credit Evaluation.
  • The course generally begins one week before the main orientation (see schedule for exact info) and finished mid-August.
  • Counselors are paid a stipend for the summer of around $2450. Room and board are included as well as up to $300 for domestic travel to New York City.
  • Students are expected to bring a laptop.

For more information, please contact the camps directly.