Nursing Opportunities

Welcome Nurses!

Many Nurses return year after year, organizing assignments throughout the year so they can come back. Our nurses are required to live at camp unless he or she lives in the area local to the camp. This enables the nurse to fully experience camp and the health center to function smoothly.


Camp Anne serves campers who:

  • have been diagnosed as needing a moderate to heavy level of support.
  • have more complex health care needs secondary to their developmental disability.
  • present with the usual chronic conditions seen in the general population.
  • may be unable to express their needs verbally.


Isaacson Gordon Lodge serves Guests who:

  • are higher functioning cognitively.
  • are more able to express their needs.
  • present with the same conditions of adulthood as the general population.


Nurses provide comprehensive health care services to campers and staff every day, including:

  • daily medication administration
  • therapeutic treatments as needed
  • first aid and response to emergencies that may arise
  • liaison with community health providers
  • communication with family members and caregivers to obtain necessary documentation in addition to keeping them abreast to incidents that may occur at camp


Both camps have fully-equipped Health Centers including:

  • Emergency Equipment and first aid supplies including AED’s, suction and diagnostic equipment
  • PRN medication
  • Tube feeding supplies if applicable
  • Infirmary beds, should the need for a health center admission arise


In addition to Nurses, the healthcare team is made up of:

  • Health Center Clerks, who are responsible for the overall organization of staff and camper files, insurance claims, and ordering of supplies
  • Nurse Practitioner, who examines all individuals with complex medical needs upon arrival, who visits twice per session and who is on-call at all times
  • Local Physicians, who see campers and staff, and provide consultation
  • Local pharmacies, which fill camper and staff prescriptions and provide consultation
  • Local hospitals, which provide emergency room care and diagnostic care as necessary
  • rescue squads, volunteer squads available 24 hours


Because the demands are great, the ideal camp Nurse will have:

  • strong assessment skills
  • great patience
  • hands-on experience
  • a desire to do the most rewarding work of a lifetime
  • experience with this population helps, but is not essential.  We are willing to train the right person.


Benefits include:three-leaves

  • a highly competitive salary for this field
  • room and board, provided on the campgrounds
  • a private room with shared bathroom, living area and kitchen
  • air conditioning
  • parking is available
  • Metro North provides easy access to New York City
  • many cultural and recreational opportunities located near both camps, including theaters, concerts, shopping, hiking, and boating
  • reimbursement for travel to camp



  • You must live at camp, unless you live locally
  • Six-day work week (negotiable), with shifts scheduled daily.
  • You must have a NY state license, including mandated Infection Control and Child Abuse curriculum.
  • Annual PPD test
  • Immunization record
  • Physician statement of health
  • Current CPR for the Professional and First Aid (These will be provided if you are unable to obtain them prior to the camp sessions.)



For more information on obtaining New York State licensure, and on completing the required courses, please contact:

Eftali Nikpreljevic (Natalie)
Nurse Coordinator for Camping and Recreation