Our Camps

AHRC New York City's camps, Camp Anne and the Katy Isaacson Elaine Gordon Lodge  offer vacation opportunities to adults and children with developmental disabilities. Both sites are fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

AHRC New York City offers thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities day-to-day living that is as rich, absorbing and worthwhile as possible. An emphasis is placed on helping people to live up to their maximum potential in the community.  AHRC New York City the largest provider of services to people with developmental disabilities and their families in New York City.


Eligibility - Camp Anne

a-day-at-the-poolCamp Anne is open to persons with moderate, severe or profound disabilities, from the age of five through adulthood. We have a limited number of openings for individuals who are non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory. Special diets are available as needed.  We accept a small number of campers who require one-to-one supervision for self-help needs or minor behavior problems.

Eligibility - The Lodge

The Katy Isaacson Elaine Gordon Lodge serves adults, 18 and over, with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities, who show independence in the areas of daily living. We have a limited number of openings for individuals who are non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory.  We offer accommodations for married couples.

All camp applicants are screened on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applicants are required to have a recent physical examination prior to admission into a program.  Twenty-four-hour-a-day nursing services and an on-call physician are provided for both programs.  Fees are calculated on a sliding scale.  Our camps are open to all without regard to race, religion, national origin, creed, age or ethnic background.

More information is available for each of our camps, at the links below:

Camp Anne | Isaacson Gordon Lodge

New York State Children's Camps General Safety Brochure