Eddie MacKnight enjoys spending his time at his home, AHRC NYC’s Jacobs IRA, and working with the staff, who describe Eddie as being a truly pleasant person with good humor. This summer, while visiting Camp Anne, Eddie made new friends, especially his cabin mates and his Camp Counselor.


Inspired by his surroundings, Eddie took advantage of some of the activities provided by the camp, including watercolor painting.  Eddie painted a picture of a house, adorning it with glitter and crayon. We congratulate Eddie for making new friends and showing his creativity at Camp Anne.


Creating artwork is a relaxing activity for Anthony Goodwin, who fashioned a variety of images during his visit to Camp Anne.


Anthony, who lives at the residence, Glen Oaks IRA, enjoyed peaceful silence while creating Valentine’s Day cards and drawings of the AHRC NYC staff who support him. When completing each drawing, Anthony turns over the page to sign his artwork.


Cynthia Morales is supported through programs offered by AHRC NYC’s Kings Highway Adult Day Center and lives at Rubin IRA. Cynthia is generally quiet, only speaking up when she feels she has something to add to a conversation, but she has a clear sense of what she loves to do: jigsaw puzzles and creating artwork. While attending Camp Anne this summer, she discovered new forms of creative expression.


Before this experience, Cynthia had been drawing with markers, but at camp, she experimented with various paint mediums and even sculpted with clay. She also enjoyed other activities Camp Anne offers, including swimming in the pool and riding horses, which she compared to dancing. Cynthia treasures the pictures she has from camp, keeping them in her room as a reminder of a summer to remember and something to look forward to next summer.


Although he might not express it in speech, when David Anderson loves something, he makes it very clear to everyone around him. This summer at Camp Anne, David formed an undeniable bond with the horses and other animals, (chickens, rabbits, alpacas,) that live on the grounds of the camp.


Upon meeting the horse, David was immediately comfortable, and he learned to pat and ride the horse. He also fed the chickens and rabbits and particularly loved watching the chickens run around the coop. David was able to learn about the different types of chickens by associating pictures with the appropriate breed name. David’s counselors loved getting to know him this summer and were excited to foster his passion for animals.